Solving Problems

Building the Batch Processing Framework

As a heavily-regulated fintech company, Valon takes service-level agreements very seriously. Many involve processing large sets of data, which is trickier at scale. Here’s how we found a solution.

Inside Valon

Who is Valon: Vib, Software Engineer

Today, we’re profiling Vib, a software engineer on the Escrow team who joined Valon over a year after his interview. Read all about his amazing story!

Inside Valon

Who is Valon: David, Tech Lead Manager

Meet David, the Tech Lead Manager of both Valon’s Delinquency and Investor Reporting teams. He’s an early member of the company who has a lot to say about servicing, startups, and beyond!

Inside Valon

Who is Valon: Michelle, Software Engineer

For the second installment in our “Who is Valon” series, we decided to capture a day in the life of a Valon Software Engineer. Michelle Deng was one of Valon’s earliest hires, and below she gives us a look into how and why she champions homeowners!

Inside Valon

Working with Jon

We’re building an incredible team, one focused on redefining the home ownership experience. An important part of what makes this team great is how we interact with each other on a daily basis.