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Homeowner’s Insurance

Protect your home in the event of an emergency. Safeguard your investment. Flexible policy options that could cover repair bills, living expenses, and even medical bills or lost wages. Choose the features that are best for you!

Auto Insurance

Bundle and save. Get affordable options with the coverage you need. Add an auto policy for additional savings!

Specialty Coverage

Make sure every feature of your life is protected. Compare flood and earthquake insurance, coverage for pools, landscaping, jewelry, collectibles, artwork, Airbnbs, home-based businesses, and other unique situations.

Many discounts available

You could save hundreds of dollars. Discounts may be available for proximity to fire stations, working from home, being aged 55 or older, having home security systems, exterior lighting, or deadbolt locks… the list goes on!

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Valon will work to get you offers from multiple providers so that you can make sure you’re getting great coverage at a great price.


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Our network of partner agents will consider your personal circumstances to ensure that you are fully covered at a great price.


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Your agent will send you offers to compare. Make a list of any questions and discuss the pros and cons of each policy with your insurance agent.


Many discounts available

Discuss all the features of your home that might qualify you for savings. Not all providers offer the same discounts, so consider this when you’re evaluating policies.


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Balance the price of your policy with the available coverage. Your agent can help you evaluate your options and select a great policy at an affordable price.

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