Solving Problems

Building the Batch Processing Framework

As a heavily-regulated fintech company, Valon takes service-level agreements very seriously. Many involve processing large sets of data, which is trickier at scale. Here’s how we found a solution.

Solving Problems

The tool we use to make our homeowner interactions better

Valon is on a mission to help every homeowner manage their mortgage and stay up to date on payments. To do this, we’re not only building an intuitive product, but also building a best-in-class customer service team to provide human assistance every step of the way. In this post, we’re

Solving Problems

Tackling Financial Literacy

We often get questions from potential candidates about the unique challenges we’re trying to solve at Valon. Up until now, we’ve generally answered them with high-level actions like: While effective, this framework does not give proper justice to the complexity of the issues we face. It also doesn’t answer the

Solving Problems

Are we all on the same team?

It should be obvious that when you join a company you are implicitly making a very large bet on the founders. Whether it be an early stage company or even a late stage one, venture companies are based on the premise that the founders have the ability to perform magic

Solving Problems

Wait so what do I own?

So now that you hopefully have a general sense of how to value the company (notice I didn’t say your shares), let’s talk about what you’re actually getting. In most cases, companies will offer you options (ISOs or NSOs) or some equity instrument that vests over a time horizon. So,

Solving Problems

Introducing “Startup Gotchas”

We like to be as transparent as possible when I’m trying to convince a candidate to join our team. After all, we’re asking for one of their most valuable resources, namely, time and opportunity. When I started this company with my friends, we strived to build a place that, unlike any