Celebrating Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day

This year we wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day by highlighting working moms at Valon and their thoughts on home ownership. Being a mother is a full time job filled with a tremendous amount of fulfillment. We asked each mom a question relating to finance and what their favorite part of motherhood is. Take a look at what a few moms at Valon have to say!

Working in the mortgage industry, you’re sure to learn a lot about home ownership and finances. What’s something you’ve learned about home ownership that you’d like to share with your children?

Ask questions! So much about financial fear comes from ‘not understanding’ or fear as the driver. I spent far too much of my life assuming I couldn’t qualify for programs simply because of lack of financial awareness or emotional drivers versus the true objective understanding of how homeownership can look. After getting into the financial industry I was utterly baffled by how much I lost by waiting to ask questions to become literate. For my daughters I will share the secret to this lesson, DON’T WAIT. Own your journey and become an expert. Valon is here to do just that; champion home ownership not just for my daughters but for all.Home ownership is independence and security. Ensuring that my family is well supported and has a place to call home that is ours is a point of pride. Though my children are very young, teaching confident financial literacy is important and starts with home ownership​.‍

How do you like to spend time with your family at home?

Sundays are all about family at my house. I absolutely adore being able to know that every Sunday is dedicated time for us to spend time being active together. We usually get a very early start and spend the day outside. Absolutely a highlight of my week and where the memories of motherhood are made for me and my girls.

What is your favorite part about being a mom? What do you enjoy doing with your kids when you’re home?

​My favorite part about being a mom is the unconditional love my daughter and I share. I’ve loved watching her grow into the woman she is today. My second favorite part about being a mom is being able to share clothes, go shopping, and have long talks as we are best friends, everyone thinks we are sisters. It’s so amazing to see my daughter as a reflection of me. I also love the ability to be able to empower her to make great financial decisions.

Why is home ownership important to you as a mother?

‍Owning a home was a goal of mine from a young age, and I wanted to be able to invest my money into something of my own. I was fortunate to become a homeowner prior to becoming a mom. But now that I have 2 daughters, our home has become so much more special. It provides stability and safety for my family, along with a space where they’ll gain lifelong memories.

‍We already asked this question in a different way, but what do you love about being a mom?

‍I love watching my girls learn new things and develop their own personalities and opinions—even though those opinions often rival my own! We love swimming and hiking together, and our weekly movie nights!

What memories do you enjoy making with your kids? ​

I love watching my son grow, physically and mentally. He is so loving but also has so much of momma’s attitude! We love hiking, hanging out with friends and our monthly ice cream dates. He is so artistic and so smart! I love encouraging him to try new things and overcome his fears.